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Gandhi Jayanti| Mahatma Gandhi| 2 October| Mahatma Gandhi's 153rd birthday

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Gandhi Jayanti:

Gandhi Jayanti is an event celebrated in India to mark the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. It is celebrated annually on 2 October and is one of the three national holidays of India. The UN General Assembly announced on 15 June 2007 that it adopted a resolution which declared that 2 October will be celebrated as the International Day of Non-Violence as he was a non-violent freedom fighter. He is also known as the "Father of The Nation" and this title was given to him by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose for his relentless struggles for independence.

Reason to celebrate:

The Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi fought a long battle for India's independence. He freed India from the shackles of slavery by following the ideals of truth and non-violence. By celebrating his birthday as Gandhi Jayanti, the country pays tribute to the Father of the Nation. Today's students and young generation should adopt Bapu's ideals in their lives and contribute for the interest of the country. Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated for this purpose. Every Indian should celebrate Gandhi Jayanti with gaiety.


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